Upcoming network maintenance

Next week some time we will do some network maintenance, We will try to keep the downtime as little as possible, In best case scenario a couple of minutes.

Donor changes...

Due to upcoming changes in the Server EULA link (Server "rules" by Mojang) we will be forced to change what the rank Donor, to only receive Cosmetic features (None gameplay affecting features).

What this means is that the rank Donor will lose a lot of features including Gamemode Creative.

These changes will take effect 1 August.

If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us at support@kinnunen-network.com


We have been having some downtime the past 2 days, First thunder-storm (We do not have any over voltage protection), Startup hang, and power failure (Probably to fix something in the area).

Server updates...

Updating the server software, Haven't done that in 2 months, Meanwhile all servers are offline.

Kinnunen-Network 3.1

The website is now Updated to 3.1, along with some new features (More to come.)

  • Apply, Found in Navigation on game pages. (Apply)
  • Updated Donate/Buy
  • Fixed Daily Prize
  • Team Fortress 2 Server
  • Huge internal update (Support for future updates)

The minecraft server will be updated later on, For the Name changeing support (Once the essential plugins are updated).

We also got a new Team Fortress 2 server, Join thru steam (kinnunen-network.com:27015).

Maintenance, News...

Kinnunen-Network will be down for maintenance, Minecraft update 1.7.7, Expected downtime 1 hour. In other news I've been working on the forum and donate/buy system, Not so much left to do, just some design.

Server instability, Performing maintenance

The server has crashed a lot, The network will be down for some time while i look into it., Sorry :(

In other news, We will soon add some more features to the minecraft server, including flatlands.

Login issue fixed!

The login issue is now fixed, As result of that, All accounts was removed.

So you will need to create an new account.

We now have HungerGames running

We now have Hunger Games running, to join write /hg, The server is still in testing stage.

The new website is up!

The new website is up, Some server pages are disabled.

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